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Dan Gardner

Dan has been working with us for 4 years since being a first year junior.  He rode 2015 and the first half of 2016 as a pro rider in America and has just finished a highly successful second half of the year in Belgium achieving much success.

'Project 51 has been the biggest contributing factor towards my development. I like how the coaching varies depending on how I'm feeling and the time of year. From meticulous training plans in the winter, to a gentle nudge in the right direction. But one thing remains constant, knowing that I can always pick up the phone when the going gets tough. That for me has been the most important part. I always leave the conversation feeling inspired and in control.'

Olly Moors

Olly has worked with Project 51 for the last 3 years and 2016 saw him enter his first year as a pro rider and also win his second national title.

'Taking the step up to the pro ranks was a big one for me. Alan at Project 51 and I sat down and worked out what was best to make that step a bit easier. Over the winter I trained like never before but the structure and quality was ALWAYS there. I went to America with confidence and good form making the step up. Unfortunately I broke my collarbone in May but we sat down again and worked it back again to get me back and ready to race at the top level and we managed to do that. I finished my season in America after helping and learning there and and came back  to defend my National Derny Title and race Pro Kermesses in Belgium. Project 51 not only gave me the structure but also the mentor role to get me out of those low zones I was in this season'


Dani Christmas

I came to Alan with no cycling experience and his guidance over the last few years has enabled me to progress from complete novice to rubbing shoulders with the world's best riders. We've learnt a lot together and work as a team to achieve these results.

Physically, my training gives me confidence and belief that I can achieve my goals and Alan's support and mentoring provides that extra edge that takes me one step closer. Without Alan I certainly wouldn't be where I am today. 

Mark Emsley

Mark has been working with Project 51 since November 2015. His main target for the season was to beat the 20 minute barrier for a 10m TT without having to spend a fortune on aero equipment and travel to fast dragstrip courses. Glad to say he got down to a 19:24.

"Before working with Alan of Project 51 I trained harder than anyone I knew, yet went slower than them at races. It was a destructive downward spiral, the worse I performed the more I trained. Alan helped me snap out of this downward spiral... I train less but with more quality. I'm going faster than ever."

Amy Smith

I've now been working with Alan for two years, and without him would never have been able to do the things that I've done in this time. He's helped me mentally and physically, enabling me to carry on while being at my lowest. One of the things I like best is how Alan is able to realise each cyclists differences and adapt their training to those individual needs. 

All I know is that all the stuff that I have been able to achieve this year would not have happened without his help and support.

Izzy Stone

I have been with Alan at Project 51 for almost a year. The improvements I have made and the progress I have seen in results and my fitness is remarkable. Although I don't always enjoy the gruelling sessions, they have proven worth while once the racing season begun. I look forward to what I will be able to achieve next year with Project 51. 

Paul Newsome


I started working with Alan in order to improve my road racing results and ultimately move up through the racing categories. With the structured training plans and many discussions about where we want to go I feel I am stronger than ever with my race results and race craft continually improving. I feel that this is only the start with Alan and that there is a lot more still to come.

I believe the most beneficial part to our relationship is the flexibility and understanding of my needs and the training time that I have available. Through Alan and his detailed plans I have learned that fitting in the right sessions at the right time can reap huge benefits. I now hit sessions fresher and with a renewed sense of vigour knowing that Alan will be analysing the results!

Brindley Taylor

"I started working with project 51 after going from a 3rd cat road racer  to a 2nd cat, I went from being a competitive 3rd cat to a uncompetitive 2nd cat, so I thought now is the time to seek some help. After contacting a few coaching companies, I soon realised that after a brief talk about goals and where you want to go with your cycling the conversation was soon moved to money, which what I could afford would of got me the most basic of plans, then I called Alan at project 51, we spoke for a good while and at no point was there any speak of cost just cycling and what he could do for me to reach my goals, which was really refreshing and motivational! Iv only been working with project 51 for 3 months and the improvements have been amazing physically and mentally!!"

Tom Easley

"I started working with Alan in September 2015, the winter before moving up to junior. I don't know how I would have tackled this year without his expert knowledge and guidance. Physically and mentally, he has really has transformed my cycling to the next level allowing me to compete to the best of my ability. My view of training and racing has completely changed from working with Alan, and he knows everything about junior bike racing so he always knows what I'm thinking and how my mind and body work. The other great thing about Alan is how much personal contact you have with him at races and in training and even over the phone whenever the need arises."

Claire & Miles Willett 

Just to say, thank you for your fab programme over the last 3 months - It certainly made all the difference. Due to the threshold training and hill repeats,  we had more confidence to push it up the hills on a long ride and know that we would recover well.

The Maratona was unbelievably amazing! The Dolomites are very special. Very dramatic and sheer drops, with scenery unrivalled by other mountain ranges.

We  had a very slow start due to 8,000 people starting together and a few bottlenecks, so it took an hour  before we could go at the pace we wanted too. That suited Miles due to his accident and hip flexors still not having fully healed but not me as I like a fast start!!

We rode really well together.... the 9.5% 10km climb up the Passa De Giau was brutal, nothing to look at except tarmac as it was closed in within the valley.  My heart rate held at 165-168 for the 10km (I didn't push it beyond 155 last year for the Etape) and I thought I may not recover from it and with 2 more major climbs to go  - 1 at 11km and 1 at 20% for 500 metres.  But I was fine, so clearly your threshold training made a big difference.

Miles did really we'll too, he could push it a bit more than me on one of  the high altitude climbs (Passa De Giau)  without his BPM going as high as mine (within our age difference)  but didn't recover as well as me for the next climb due to the time out he had in the last 4 weeks after his accident.

We came in the top 40% over all and I came 125th out of 308 women .... which considering we started at the back of the pack and took an hour to get going, we were pleased with and considering we did't think Miles was even going to make it!! We also spent 20 minutes across a couple of feed stations as Miles had garmin issues.

So, thank you! It clearly worked a treat... it's a shame I trailed off a little in the last 3 or 4 weeks (although not too much!)  and Miles had his accident as I reckon, if we'd started at nearer the front we would've knocked at least  30 minutes off, plus some more at the feed stations!

Total ride time was 7hrs 23mins for 138km and 4230 mtrs of climbing! 

Thanks again and hope all goes well for you for the rest of the season.

Claire & Miles