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Project 51 Race Team


To promote and support the development of adult Racing Cyclists by providing opportunities via a sustainable athlete driven infrastructure.


The team will be for riders from the South East region, ensuring that a proper ‘togetherness’ approach is achieved. This enables the riders to train together on a regular basis, both independently and as a Team.

All riders will benefit from full one to one coaching and mentoring, plus valuable hands on racing support. This starts from the beginning of the winter with regular Team training sessions and workshops.

If you think you’d be a good fit for our team please email us and let us know.



              Adam Cotterell

               Paul Newsome

              Cameron Cragg


                George Sales

                    Ian Vagg

                Mikey Weavers

                  Ant Attwood


                 Toni Wilkes





                Isaac Wright

                Stuart Harvey

              Nathan Delaney

             Lee Messenger