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Intermediate Coaching Package

For the slightly more serious and experienced rider, this package gives you an in-depth relationship with the coach. This package gives you a high level of communication so the program can be tailored to suit your needs daily.

This is probably best suited to the racer who balances their time between their sport, home, work and everything else involved in a ‘normal’ life.

We start with an informal chat to make sure both rider and coach are completely comfortable with each and all the processes. We’ll then move onto some fitness testing and a more formal detailed chat.


Initial face to face get-together to discuss-  


·         All about you as a person to establish your available time to train & recover.

·         Current level of cycling experience.

·         Your cycling history.

·         Current fitness levels.

·         How you have previously trained.

·         What you love about cycling.

·         Your targets.

·         Your perceived strengths & weaknesses.

·         A date going forward to carry out a Fitness test to be conducted with us to establish the correct training levels to be set and a starting point to monitor progress.


Service Provided -  


·         Yearly outline of training phases based around your goals.

·         Training phases planned and explained in advance.

·         Comprehensive weekly training plan, through Training Peaks, set in advance working towards goals and planned around work/life commitments

·         As much daily feedback as required through the Training Peaks platform and WhatsApp chat.

·         Weekly phone call to discuss the past week, upcoming training and any other questions.

·         Regular fitness testing.

·         Skills technique sessions together if required.

·         Race attendance and analysation.

What do you need?

·         A computer or laptop,

·         Your own Training Peaks account (free or premium),

·         A GPS cycle computer and heartrate monitor

·         A power meter is strongly advised, but optional. To make the very best from your training, a power meter will be one of your best investments. This will allow for targeted training efforts and monitoring your progress.

·         An indoor turbo trainer or Wattbike

·         A set of rollers is advised, but optional.


Cost - £85 per month