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Project 51 Coaching

At Project 51, we can cater for any type of rider, whether you’re just starting and aiming to complete your first major ride, a regional racer, juggling a busy lifestyle, but wanting to get the best out of their available time or a full time athlete wanting to go all the way, we can help.

We provide everything you’ll need to develop and progress your racing career. Bike racing is a super hard sport, so you need to make sure you give yourself every chance of succeeding.


Coaching Packages

We offer three coaching packages. Intermediate, Advanced and our Young Rider Development Package.  

Please have a read through and see if any of them feel right for you.

Development Package

(Project Belgium)

Our Development package is specially designed to help U23 riders make it as full time bike racers. This coaching package also includes accommodation and full support in Belgium.

Intermediate Package


This package gives you a high level of communication so the program can be tailored to suit your needs daily.

This is probably best suited to the racer who balances their time between their sport, home, work and everything else involved in a ‘normal’ life.

Advanced Package


If you're 100% dedicated on succeeding, you'll need a coaching package that's gives you the same level of dedication back. This package covers absolutely every aspect of what you need to succeed.