Rider Coaching & Development

Project 51 Coaching

Project 51 specialises in coaching and mentoring women, junior & espoir and super keen seniors, offering the essential one to one attention required.

Unlike most online coaching companies, Project 51 carries out as little of its coaching online as possible. We’re more than happy to embrace the latest technologies, but we don’t want it to take the place of “real coaching”.

We only offer one level of coaching programme and that’s ‘the full package’. We don’t understand why you would want to restrict your coaching programme to anything less than this, because in our mind that means you’re restricting your potential. So unlike other coaching companies, we only offer a complete one to one package. 

We provide everything you’ll need to develop and accelerate your racing career. Bike racing is a super hard sport, so you need to make sure you give yourself every chance of succeeding. The reason we do this is simple – we care about our riders, not making money!

Project 51 is run by Alan Denman. Alan has been involved in the sport for the past thirty five years from starting out as an ambitious youth and junior racer, culminating in trying to make it as a senior Elite rider both in the UK and on the continent, so knows only to well how frustrating it is to not make the most of yourself. Alan is a British Cycling Level 3 Track and Road & Time Trial coach, but more importantly he has years of experience looking after youth and junior bike racers and more recently women racers. He has looked after the Scotland junior programme for the last four years and the Team ASL360 junior squad, bringing much success to both programmes. 


Coaching Services

At the beginning of the rider/coach relationship we’ll sit down together for the consultation, and firstly ensure we feel compatible and comfortable with each other. Then we’ll establish everything you’ll need to succeed and work out a plan of how we’re going to do it. 

There will be daily schedules to suit your own life style and a proper structure to the year ahead, from winter “base” training, to tailoring pre competition sessions to suit your strengths, weaknesses and goals exactly. In season training includes peaks and tapers for your major targets throughout the year.

Your personal schedules will arrive every week on time, and all you have to do is follow the prescribed sessions and give your feedback.  But there’s more than that to being a developing racing cyclist. More often than not, things don’t go to plan and an athlete should be able to contact his coach anytime over anything. The last thing we’d want at Project 51, is our riders having to go elsewhere for the answers. Not only would we feel like we’d failed, but there’s a good chance the answer wouldn’t be compatible. That’s why we don’t put any restrictions on how much you can contact us, You can call or email us anytime, if we’re not available, we’ll get back to you, guaranteed!

But our coaching doesn't end there. Getting physically and mentally prepared is only half the battle. We'll be on hand to help you through the racing process, either at the race with you or before and after the race. From years of racing experience, we fully understand evrything a rider goes through.